Three Cheers - Fund Raising 'collectors' Artwork

Dear Friends,

This is our 'Limited Issue Charity Poster'.

We have named it, 'Three Cheers'.

Due to the poor response, as of September 2009 I sent the £550 that had already been received from the sale of these prints to Papworth Hospital and closed what I had thought was a very worthy fund (see letter from Papworth at bottom of page).

I now continue to sell these ‘Magnificent Prints’, in aid of the St. Teresa’s Hospice, Darlington, which provided my friend’s respite care.

If however, anyone disagrees with this action, please read the post on my forum.

St. Teresa's is where Paul (Corporal) Evans (Bluebird K7 team member 1966/67) received his respite care.

There are ONLY FIFTY prints available and these are all numbered, and issued in two category's.


1. Gold Standard Signed at £40 ( Postage and Packing = £4.50 extra) see signatures below.

1. Ron Ayers - Chief of Aerodynamics on Bloodhound SSC 2. Richard Noble - Holder of the World Land Speed Record 1983-97 3. Wing Com. Andy Green - current holder of the World Land Speed record 4. Paul (Corp) Evans - 1966/67 Bluebird K7 team member 5. Ian Glover - President of the 1K Club 6. Terence Pegram - Landscape Artist 7. Frederick R. Blois - Portrait Artist 8. Ben Evans - CFD Designer Bloodhound SSC



2. Silver Standard Signed at £30. (Postage and Packing = £4.50 extra) see signatures below

1. Terence Pegram - Landscape Artist 2. Paul (Corp) Evans - 1966/67 Bluebird K7 team member 3. Frederick R. Blois - Portrait Artist 4. Tony Stuchbury - blender of portraits and creator of final digital image 5. Dave 'The Rivet' Aldred - Early Bluebird Project Team Member and designer of K7's Roll Over Jig.

The silver standard signed prints are supplied with a reproduction technical drawing of the roll over jig design.

Please be aware that everyone involved with this charity project has freely donated thier time and expense.

The posters are produced at A2 size, on high quality gloss paper, and will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

Each poster is individually numbered, and also comes with a CD-ROM presentation showing the various stages involved with the artwork production.

Each poster is also supplied with: A 'Certificate of Authenticity', (Which carries the poster's number, and is signed by the artists).

This painting really is a 'work of art' and stunning is the only way I can describe it to you, the colours practically jump off the canvas at you. It is absolutely beautiful' and the detail is superb. For instance, the Union Flag and K7's tail fin took Terry over a week to paint.

This is a 'ONCE ONLY' issue.

When the fifty posters are sold, that's it, there will never be another opportunity to buy one.

And now what you really want to see........... samples of the description above !


Kind regards,

Terence Pegram (Landscape artist)

Frederick R Blois (Portrait artist).

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